Epiphany: a moment of great or sudden revelation; the manifestation of divine reality - and thus we have the name and focus of today's feast. Yes, we reflect on the journey of the magi, their hopes and dreams and following of a mysterious star; their seeking and finding, different routes, and their adoration and bringing of precious gifts - but none of this gives this feast its name. It is, fundamentally, about the revelation of Jesus as the universal Christ: as the Pope said in his homily this morning, we see revealed the glory of a God who has come for everyone: every nation, language and people is welcomed and loved by him. 

And isn't this revelation of Christ and his unlimited love what we are all called to be, in our daily lives and situations, to all those we meet? To discover and reveal the love of the Heart of Jesus is the lifelong mission of each RSCJ, however she is called to live and express it. But maybe, and especially in these dark and difficult times, it needs to be the mission of everyone celebrating this feast. We all need to reveal, to make real and manifest, the tender, unending, all-embracing Love-With-Us at the centre of our faith, and at the heart of our bruised yet beautiful world - through the congruence of our words and actions, in the quality of our presence and our welcome, and through simple compassion and kindness. Could this be our mission, our joy and our challenge, in the year ahead?