The way of Jesus

This morning work took me to a primary school, where I led an assembly introducing Catholic Social Teaching. Whenever I do this I explain to the children that although they're going to learn about this in school, Catholic Social Teaching isn't a "subject", to be confined to lesson times, activities and displays of work. It is, rather, something we are called to live, and should be a fundamental part of who and what we are, as Catholics and as humans: our behaviour, our attitudes, our choices, and our way of viewing, relating to and treating other people and the whole of creation.

As I travelled home and thought about what I'd been saying to the children, their responses and the values they are being taught, I heard an echo from our Constitutions: Contemplating Jesus, we learn from His attitudes and responses how, in all our relationships, to witness to the liberating power of His love... In the Gospel, through His words, His attitudes, His relationships with people, His way of relating to all created things, we discover His Heart...

Yes indeed.

And then back home, when I logged onto Facebook, this image from our sisters in United States-Canada appeared in my feed

The way of Jesus... that's what I've been reminded to focus on today, despite the very different values, attitudes and behaviour currently dominating so much of our political and public life. And it's what I feel impelled to share - through sharing this image, yes, but more importantly, through my life, through how I live and love.

So contemplating Jesus, may I - may we all - learn how, in all relationships, to witness to the liberating power of his love... learn his way... discover his Heart... and open our hearts to his Heart and to his way...


  1. I agree with all that you say. Thank you. Love is the answer to all aspects of relationship and all of life...


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