Hear his voice

At last night's Easter Vigil Mass we greeted the Gospel by singing Christopher Walker's Alleluia of the Angels. I'd never sung it before, and so, meeting it for the first time, I was especially struck by the short, simple verse:

Hear the voice
Of the Risen Lord
And have Life

Hear his voice... calling me by name... speaking of love... opening up the scriptures... missioning me. Hear his voice - whispered, insistent, gentle, compelling - bringing courage and peace: bringing the assurance that yes, it is indeed he who comes to greet me, who walks beside me, whose guises surprise me... who awaits my arrival, who calls and urges me deeper into his Heart... It is he, the Risen Jesus, whose presence brings untold joy, whether I easily recognise him or not.

Hear the voice of the Risen Lord... what is he saying to you, this Easter Sunday morning?