No mystery in love

A few days ago I started to write a blogpost for Trinity Sunday. What I wanted to say was simple enough: that the Trinity, as we are often told, is a mystery, unfathomably so; but it is a Trinity of love, and there is absolutely nothing mysterious about love. We might be mystified by love's choices or intensity, but not by love itself. But then I started to overthink what I was writing, and I knew I needed to stop.

So late Sunday night, when I stumbled across a brief reflection from the Carmelites in Glasgow, I gave both a rueful chuckle and a little leap of joy. In particular I was caught up by the opening lines:

Let us not break our heads on the maths of one in three
but break open our hearts to that inner life of love and joy
which is now ours.

So, no need to overthink, to break my head on words... Just love, and love more, and focus on receiving that inner life which is now mine, is now ours... Focus on allowing my heart to be broken open, by pain and compassion, and allowing that expanding emptiness to be filled, with love and God's sometimes ineffable joy... And then the consequence, the overflow... the sharing, the making Love known, especially where it is most needed... that will happen; oh yes, that will happen...

Because really, fundamentally, there is no mystery in love.