Grant us to see wonders

This morning Facebook reminded me that two years ago today I posted a photo of spring blossom, with this caption:  

... Grant us to see wonders... (Micah 7.15)

The ordinary, annual wonder of springtime unfurling, bursting forth, opening out... The seasons reassuringly continuing, regardless of the mess and chaotic uncertainty we're currently in.

I've delved into Heaven's archive, and been reminded that two years ago we were chaotically teetering on the brink of Brexit, with tangled, convoluted changes, machinations and new declarations happening almost hourly. And in the midst of this it seems I was able to find reassurance in blossoms and beauty, and nature just doing what it will always do, regardless of politicians and pandemics.

We're currently enjoying a few days of uninterrupted sunshine and warmth... of open windows, bare feet and arms... unclouded blue skies as a bold backdrop to every branch and blossom... Today I ate my lunch in the garden, the sun gilding every leaf and petal it touched, the yellows and blues of daffodils and grape hyacinths somehow heightened and brightened. And in my walks, even just up the road, I see spring's many wonders, spilling out of front gardens or rising from pavements...

I see camellias vying with magnolias; and then, just round a corner, blossom upon frothy blossom. I see flowers backlit and transformed by the sun shining through them, and even the barest of still-bare branches resplendent with reflected light - and hear... Silvana, see how you could be if you allow God to shine through you! I pause and smile at a bold camellia which has nudged its way along a tree's otherwise unclad branch, generously giving it some adornment; and pause, too, to notice tiny flowers whose very presence is a hymn to spring. 

Ah yes, dear God, regardless of the mess and fear and uncertainty of our lives, grant us always to see wonders, and to find joy and reassurance in them...