The Heart of Eternal Love

This is the week of Valentine's Day, when the very air abounds with all sorts of hearts and declarations of undying love. And for those of us in the Sacred Heart, it is a lovely opportunity to bask anew in the greatest and loveliest Heart of all, and the unlimited Love which is truly without beginning or end. And an excellent week to focus on and pray each day with this Heart...

I recently came across this prayer from Out of the Ordinary by Joyce Rupp. I've chosen seven of the verses (you can see others here), and offer them here, as a Valentine's week gift from Heaven and me. May they help you to find Love, hidden in the pockets of daily life; to know what causes the consolation and the joy that sings and dances within you, as well as the wounds and weariness - your own and others' - you need to bring to Jesus' Heart of Compassion... To name the Gift hidden in your depths, and know Love's tender mercy and understanding... And may they lead you to further growth and transformation, and finally, on Sunday, to rest in the deepest peace at the core of your being.

Heart of Love, Source of all kindness, Teacher of the ways of goodness;
you are hidden in the pockets of daily life, waiting to be discovered.

Heart of Gladness, Joy that sings in our souls, the Dancer and the Dance;
you are music radiating in our cherished times of consolation.

Heart of Compassion, the Healing One weeping for a world burdened and bent. 
You are the Heart we bring to the wounded, worn and weary.

Heart of all Hearts, the First and Best of all companions;
you are the Gift hidden in our depths, connecting us with others.

Heart of Understanding, One who gazes upon the imperfect, the incomplete, the flawed, the weak.
You never stop extending mercy.

Heart of Generosity, Abundance of insight and hope;
daily you offer us gifts of growth, leading to continual transformation.

Heart of deepest Peace, Centre of Tranquillity, resting place at the core of our being.
You are waiting always for our return to this sacred home. 

And may we all come to know, and dwell more deeply, in our sacred home with Love...