Made for heaven

It's already four years since those strange few weeks, pre-lockdown, when life continued as normal, even as we increasingly heard disturbing reports of people succumbing to this highly contagious, and potentially fatal, virus. It was a time when normal plans were made, for meet-ups and travels, even as we walked into a global pandemic, and the suddenness of sickness and lockdowns. On a whim, I checked back through my posts from late February and early March 2020 to see when Covid began to creep into my musings. It wasn't there on the 26th February, but I did find that - having mused on some aggressive crocuses - I had quoted these words from Pope Francis: 

Every morning, God comes to find us where we are. He summons us to rise at his word, to look up and to realise that we were made for heaven.

To realise that we were made for heaven... That we were made for what lies at the heart of heaven; made for Love, and for abundant loving...

And these words seem perfect for today, 29th February - 2024's leap day. Today, we are given the gift of an extra morning; a whole extra day, a whole extra twenty-four hours! How do we spend them? How could we spend them? Could this be an extra day to be spent, not in fretting or squabbling or impatience, but consciously, and gladly, in loving, and generosity, patience and kindness...? Could this be a day for rising to truly realise that God comes to find us where we are, and we were, indeed, made for heaven, and for Love...?

Happy leap day to you all!