And my heart turns over...

Framed in light,
Mary sings through the doorway.
Elizabeth's six-month joy
jumps, a palpable greeting,
a hidden first encounter

between son and Son.

And my heart turns over
when I meet Jesus
in you.

I recently came across this poem by Luci Shaw. I love the final sentence, the idea of a heart recognising with joy Jesus in others. My prayer for today is that my heart can do likewise, especially where Jesus may seem well hidden.

There are currently seven young RSCJ from six different countries living and studying here in England. One of them lives here in Oxford, and this weekend five of the others have come to visit. So I'm celebrating the Visitation by welcoming five Marys, full of life and enthusiasm, each one bringing something of God's life and presence with her. Definitely something to fill my heart with joy and turn it over! It promises to be a full and rich weekend!