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Thursday, 31 July 2014

St Take, Lord, Receive

My alarm went off and I struggled to find my way to wakefulness through layers of sleepiness. What day was it...? From somewhere deep within my bleariness my brain fumbled and stuttered into life... It's Wednesday - no, Thursday... the 31st... hmmm... oh yes, that's St Igna... St (deep breath)...St Take, Lord, Receive...

I smiled with drowsy glee, and hoped Ignatius would approve. I had remembered not his name, but the prayer with which retreatants end the Spiritual Exercises he created. A challenging, scary prayer to say, even in the intensity of a life-changing retreat, but, as Ignatius suggests, the only true response we can make, with 'heartfelt love', to everything we receive and continue to receive from God's immeasurable love.

And then later via social media I saw this image of St Ignatius by Maria Laughlin

So I'm sharing it here, to round off our celebration of Ignatius, the saint known for so many things, including a prayer of self-offering to be said with heartfelt love in response to even greater love...

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