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Friday, 28 November 2014

In praise of... autumn gold

I've been spending quite a bit of time at Llannerchwen, our house of prayer in Wales, these past couple of weeks. This has meant one of my favourite drives - the A40 from Oxford to Brecon - at a particularly resplendent time of year. I love autumn colours, the many shades and nuances, the way russet gives way to blazing orange, fiery reds to bronze. In dull or foggy weather they loom out of the mist, as though nature has donned a high-visibility jacket; on a grey day their colours are richer, deeper; in sunshine, though, they are transformed into gold and all things glittering and precious.

When I wrote about this journey a couple of years ago (here) I wrote of the lane being covered by a coppery canopy and a not-quite red carpet at my feet. They were both there again, the canopy decreasing as the carpet increased, becoming especially thick in the verges and areas around the lane. Mounds of damp, copper and rust, slowly decaying... after heavy rain glistening even as they slowly rotted back into the soil... and then the sun shone on them and the copper was scattered with gold...

So much delight in such small, simple things...

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