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Thursday, 5 January 2017

We have found the One...

Over the past few weeks I've had several conversations in which one of us has strongly recommended something we have enjoyed - a film, a book, a TV programme, an ice cream parlour - which we believe someone else would also appreciate. We have tasted something, found it to be good, and want others to have the same pleasure. This desire to share something good with those we love is a very sweet yet basic instinct; one we can almost take for granted, but for which we are invariably grateful. We might mistrust advertisers and all their claims and promises, but we trust our friends, especially the ones who know well or share our tastes and interests.

Yesterday and today, the Gospels show this lovely instinct at work in the early disciples, as Andrew and Philip, having spent time with Jesus, each rush off to find and bring a loved one to him - one who they are sure will enjoy his company as much as they have. We have found the Messiah... we have found the one... they announce, even in the face of incredulity and scepticism. Come and see...

And this instinct, this desire for someone else's enjoyment of something good, has to be what lies at the heart of any sort of evangelisation, and any sort of vocations promotion. Certainly, I realise it is what lies at the heart of much of what I write here about being RSCJ, our call and the Heart of Jesus. I have found my treasure, found the richness of journeying to the heart of the world through the pierced and open Heart of Jesus. I have found a way of life which gives me life and untold joy, enables me to grow, and to love as abundantly as possible, and to live the paradox of freedom in vowed commitment and fullness through giving. With RSCJ worldwide I too can say we have found the One...

I have found all this, found the One who is the source of far greater and longer lasting joy than an ice cream or a film or novel... so how could I keep from wanting so many others to find and know and experience the same treasure for themselves...?

On Saturday I will be at the final profession of vows of a friend in another congregation. At the same time, several of my sisters will be in Armagh, where a novice will be making her first vows as an RSCJ. Simultaneously, these two women will be proclaiming publicly that they have found the One to whom they wish to give their lives, and whose love they wish others to come to know. May they, and all of us present at each ceremony, spend our lives and activities in the same proclamation, and like Andrew and Philip, be impelled to invite others to come and see, and experience life with Christ for themselves.

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