Glimpses of God and 250k

One day earlier this week I noticed that the total pageviews for this blog stood at 249,9-and something - and it dawned on me that this meant nearly a quarter of a million views of pages and posts! Since then, the total steadily rose, climbing nearer to that milestone figure... and then at some point on Wednesday, while I was looking elsewhere, a few visitors came, the figures changed... and a milestone was quietly surpassed. A quarter of a million...

I'm aware that there are probably various robots included in that 250k, and that thanks to the randomness of some Google searches, quite a few of the visitors probably had no intention of landing here or anywhere like here, or only came looking for a poem I might have quoted. But they have been here, nonetheless, and left their mark, whether intentional or not... and who knows, maybe their little brush with Heaven has left its own mark on them...?

But there are many intentional visitors included in that 250k, some well known to me, others complete strangers. Whoever you are - thank you for your interest, your feedback, for sharing this blog with others and for somehow being part of its life, whether anonymously or not. You have read my musings, agonisings, moments of delight or playfulness, my random thoughts and a whole miscellany of reflections. You have shared in my times of pain and near-despair - especially in the last couple of years - as well as overflowing gratitude and joy. And really, it is because of you that Heaven continues to exist, and I continue to blog.

Henri Nouwen once wrote that My deepest vocation is to be a witness to the glimpses of God I have been allowed to catch - and that, I suppose, is much of what this blog is about: sharing the glimpses and experiences of God, in my life and in myriad ways in the world, that I have been able to catch, enjoy, be provoked or challenged by... And so the image I share today is indeed a glimpse: a shimmering moment of liquid gold, somewhat inadequately snapped from a plane window while the passenger in the window seat was leaning forward, rootling in her bag. There was pure serendipity in the fact that I glanced over and noticed this just as she moved; a glimpsed gift, arising from a moment of attentiveness. And I think that sums up a lot of how my life with God is, and how inspiration and thoughts continue to come.

Reader, whoever and wherever you are, let us pray for each other, as we journey on...