Uncontainable Love

This image (Heart-Cross by Manfred Bugl), which was given to the group with whom I prepared for perpetual vows, came with me when I moved to my temporary home last month, and currently sits in my prayer corner. I love its dynamism, and the way in which Love is bursting its way through the cross, shattering and transforming it in one single movement. This morning, it reminded me of a line from our 1970 General Chapter: Earth could not hold him in death; he lives and the whole world of time and space is transfigured through his risen life. 

And all this speaks to me, too, of what lies at the heart of our faith and our Easter celebration - untrammelled and uncontainable Love. This is a Love which cannot be confined or restricted, and which, daily, calls and challenges us to a similar love, even - and especially - within the restrictions of our current lockdowns and isolation. Yes, our bodies must be confined within four walls, but our hearts and our love can roam widely and uncontainably, or simply be poured out, selflessly, on those with whom we are sharing this lockdown.

In his oration for Palm Sunday, St Andrew of Crete writes of being able to receive the Word at his coming, and God, whom no limits can contain, will be within us... Except that, the God whom no limits can contain - not even death - cannot and should not be contained within us either! God can only be within us in order to flow - or even burst - forth, as life-giving love, and hope, filling our world in these dark times. And in the Risen Christ we can all discover and rediscover the One who, as Pope Francis said in his homily last night, can roll back from our hearts the heaviest of stones, enabling us to release that flow of Love from within us, as an essential blessing for a world full of sickness and turmoil.

Happy Easter everyone - and, however you are celebrating (or not), may the uncontainable joy and presence of Christ be with you all...