The Spirit dwelling within us

Sometimes, we can be so caught up with focusing on the main event, that we can miss what is quietly happening to one side. Or the details and undertones are so familiar we can lose sight of them. Certainly, today I can focus so much on those exquisite and inspiring prayers and hymns to the Holy Spirit, on gifts and fruits, the Acts of the Apostles and reflections on all things Pentecostal, that I can miss the Gospel itself. Today I can easily miss the fact that - according to John - when Jesus appeared to his disciples immediately after his Resurrection, he breathed his Spirit upon them and missioned them. Weeks before Pentecost, weeks before the Spirit came as fire and a powerful wind, the disciples breathed in the courage and strength they needed for what lay ahead. 

And I can so easily miss today's Gospel's details... Jesus showed them his hands and his side; and the next sentence says The disciples were filled with joy when they saw the Lord (John 20: 20). Jesus showed them the wounds by which they could now recognise him; wounds which spoke of sacrifice and suffering... and seeing them - and therefore seeing and recognising Jesus - the disciples were filled with joy. And then he breathed his Spirit upon them; into them.

Where and how do I see and recognise Jesus... in woundedness as much as in love and loveliness? 

As I reflected on these thoughts I recalled some words from our Constitutions, in the section on Prayer: The Spirit dwelling within us gradually transforms us, enabling us through his power to remove whatever hinders his action. The Spirit unites and conforms us to Jesus and makes us sensitive to his presence within ourselves, in others and in all that happens...

May the transforming Spirit dwelling within us enable us to see Jesus, in ourselves, in others and in all that happens... And seeing him, may we all be filled with joy beyond measure, as we live our mission to radiate the love of his Heart. 

Happy feast everyone!


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