To discover Love

Someone recently observed that I seem capable of finding hearts wherever I look! Indeed I can - as do others in the Sacred Heart family, judging by some of the photos I see us sharing, of heart-shaped burrs, leaves and more. I don't wander around intentionally looking for them: they simply appear, often at first sight, but also - as in these images, taken in my home - unexpectedly deciding to make themselves known, in wood or a patterned blind, which I glance at or walk past every day. Hearts are there, as are crosses, spirals and a dozen other symbols and shapes, if our eyes are tuned to seeing them.

Even so, I really did not expect to come across this particular heart stuck to the pavement at the top of our road! Of course, I shouldn't have been surprised. Only the other day I jokingly referred to my road as Sacred Heart Alley, owing to several RSCJs living on either side of the Sacred Heart school we founded, and alongside our provincial administration. Where else should our open heart logo be, if not in Sacred Heart Alley? And Sophie our founder, woman of the Heart, at home in the Heart of Jesus... where else would she want to be, except among her sisters?

Finding heart-shaped leaves and chalk drawings is easy enough, and a fun and creative thing to do. But it's also a little reminder that at the core of being RSCJ is the call and mission to discover and make known the love of the Heart which surpasses all hearts. And I don't have to look far to discover Love, both evident and hidden in the beauty and the wounds of our world; in goodness and generosity, blessing and brokenness; in compassion, self-gift, and the smallest, most fragile signs of hope and new life. Every object, every being, wrote Rumi, is a jar full of delight... Everywhere, and in everything, Love abounds and can be found, if our eyes and hearts are tuned to this. Love is here among us, at the heart of our world and of our lives, as ingrained as a burr and as startling and delightful as a stray sticker on the pavement of Sacred Heart Alley. 

Where and in what shape do you find signs of love...?