In the heart of things

Last week I was interviewed by Radio Maria England. I'd been invited to talk about some of the work I do with Caritas Westminster, and in particular the warm spaces initiative in parishes around the Diocese, but I was also asked some opening questions about the Society and its charism. This set the scene for the word 'heart' to come up several times throughout the thirty minutes!

At one point the presenter, Helena Judd, said I was 'in the thick of serving others', to which I jokingly, but emphatically replied 'in the heart...!' Listening to the podcast of the interview earlier this week, those words reminded me of a line in Malcolm Guite's sonnet for Ascension DayHe took us with him to the heart of things... Because this is where God takes me to - in my prayer and my reflection, and in my mission and my being RSCJ. And because this is where God dwells, and is active: at the very heart of our world, of our lives - at the heart of all things; and where he invites me to recognise and reveal his presence and action, and his love - especially his love.

May God continue to grant me, and all other religious, this grace...

And if you want to listen to the Radio Maria interview, you can do so here. NB: the recording (below my short bio) is 98% intact, though there are a few places where my signal cut out for a few seconds. You can read more about the warm spaces here. And as you listen or read, do please say a prayer for all the people who have been using the spaces, and in gratitude for the people who run them, and the warmth and generosity of their welcome.